It is a rotary car parking system, which does not need much space and can be installed fast and easily; therefore, it is a smart solution for the active areas of the city, which attract a lot of drivers.


space saved

From 8 to 20 cars

70 percent space saved

99 percent satisfied customers


That each parking system can be easily adjusted to the needs, capabilities and aesthetic requirements of every customer. According to client needs, we can select and produce exterior decorations of the parking system, that can be designed using any material and matched to the location and nearby buildings.

There are two options to install it: an overground and an underground

Suitable for both residential and public areas

Stable and non-slippery surface of a car parking plate

It operates on the principle of lifting and sliding

It is constructed according to the needs and capabilities of a customer

From 3 to 6 floors

Installation and maintenance of it do not require a lot of investment



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